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Congratulations to Eric Haynes

Eric has been accepted into the founding class of the Kansas City Teacher Residency program through the Kauffman Foundation.  Designed to identify, equip and train...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
Comment from Niki Allen:

Eric, we are so excited for you! KIPP is very lucky to have you! You have many challenges that lie ahead for you but we know you can make a difference! Thank you for being a part of our journey, we are so excited to follow yours!

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Connecting with your Neighborhood/Dinner/Childcare and Children's Program

Learn to connect where you live, learn, work or play. Join us Wednesday May 4, for Dinner at 6 pm at 6:30 pm we’ll send children off to either childcare or...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
Wednesday May 04 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm (CDT)
12 people are coming
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ParenTeen Gathering BBQ

Never B-B-Q alone, especially if your the parent of a teenager! Raising teenagers is can be a rollercoaster, and is definitely something that at times requires the...
Posted by Justin Talley in Crash Parents
Saturday April 30 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (CDT)
6 people are coming
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Meeting needs in the Northland - Info meeting this Tuesday!

One way Shoal Creek is looking to partner with the community is with a new program through the Global Orphan Project called CarePortal.  Below is a description of...
Posted by Eric Haynes in Go Side (US)
Comment from Lou Warner:

I may be a good fit for this. I could not make the meeting.

On Monday, April 25, 2016 10:55 AM, Eric Haynes on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:
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Join us Wed, May 4, Dinner, Childcare

Wednesday, May 04 6:00 – 7:45 pm  (CDT) Learn to connect where you  live,  learn,  work or play. Join us Wednesday May 4, for Dinner at 6 pm at...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
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Marriage Ministry Online Event

Wanted to make everyone aware of this free event that is happening on Tuesday, May 17th.  Here is the link to the details:
Posted by Justin Engelhardt in Mission:Marriage Planning Team
Comment from Eric Haynes:

Thanks Justin!  I signed up for it…I think it could be very interesting.

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2016 Gettysburg Men's Retreat

[video] This men’s trip gives you the opportunity to explore three of the most important days in American history and extract spiritual truths and leadership principles...
Posted by Jeff Burnett in Gettysburg Battlefield Men's Retreat
July 14 - July 19 5:00 am – 10:00 pm (CDT)
7 people are coming
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Shoal Creek Reboots "Summer Internship"

After a 5 year hiatus, we’re rediscovered a way to engage college age young adults thru a summer internship.  The Leadership Training Project operated for 11 years...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
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Connection Experiences - May

In addition to getting baptized, over the years we’ve observed 3 practices that will help you get connected to God and others & gain traction in your spiritual...
Posted by Jason Perry in Shoal Creek
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April Medical Schedule

Please sign up if you can help out. Thanks,  Scott
Posted by Scott Stubler in Medical Response
Comment from Sean Hoeflicker:

Good morning,

I am writing this to ask those of you with medical experience/expertise to consider serving during 1 of the Sunday services to be “available” should we have a medical issue or emergency.

Scott Stubler is our team leader for this team but is often the only medically qualified person that serves and he can’t cover each service every week.

If you feel this is an area you could help serve in, please contact Scott on the City or simply join the Medical Response team and sign up for a service in the monthly calendar that he creates in the group.

Thanks for considering this,


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Interested in the future of Shoal Creek?

Join us at the HUB as we explore what Shoal Creek 3.0 looks like? RSVP by clicking  HERE Sunday, Apr 24 5:00 – 7:00 pm  (CDT) In an effort to innovate...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
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"Game 7" this Sunday at 9:30 & 11am...the Adventure of the Crown!

Find a place to volunteer and discover how serving others transforms you at the Begin to Serve experience Sunday at 11am The HUB - Sun, April 24, in pursuit of...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Shoal Creek
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"Vamos!" St. Louis Road Trip (Sat, 5/21) - Registration

CLICK TO REGISTER HERE On Saturday May 21st, our student ministry is taking its annual “Vamos!” St. Louis Road Trip to four of St. Louis’ funnest (that’s...
Posted by Justin Talley in Buya Parents
Comment from Justin Talley:

Thanks Paul! I’ll have to keep it in mind for next year’s trip!

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# 2-Free Lunch and #1-Tour Your City

#1 World Cultural Tour-register online in advance here The first ever KC World Cultural Tour, which took place in February, went so well that we are going to take...
Posted by Roy Moran in 1Roy's Group
Comment from Pam Bacchus:

Wish I could come!

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Habits of the Crown...Sunday at the Creek

Invite a friend and join us Sunday at 9:30 or 11am.  Explore the vital nature of relationships to your spiritual journey and where to begin developing them at...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Shoal Creek
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