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Halloween Bash + You = AWESOME!

Halloween Bash has found it’s way to our doorstep once again, and this year we’re asking all our our Shoal Creek Groups and Teams to consider sponsoring and running...
Posted by Candy Moran in Semester Group Leaders
Comment from Candy Moran:

Oct 30th from 5-7pm

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What's your reaction to-I QUIT: Hiding

What did you find most challenging today? Psalm 139:1-18 Bible Reading: Acts 5:1-11 John 13:34-35 Galatians 6:1-2 Ephesians 5:25 Colossians 3:9-11 Brene Brown...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
Comment from Roy Moran:

Video of Sunday is up on Vimeo

or watch here.


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Help Saturday for 2 hours

Hey folks, We got quite a start a few weeks ago and I recently got the additional supplies need to complete the roofing project. If I had 3 other people this Saturday...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Building Maintenance & Repair
Comment from Sean Hoeflicker:

Thanks Mike and Brad. Just need 1 more!!

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Connection Experiences - October

In addition to getting baptized, over the years we’ve observed 3 practices that will help you get connected to God and others & gain traction in your spiritual...
Posted by Jason Perry in Shoal Creek
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Time to TP

Hello Friends,  A few Creekers are serving in the women’s shelter at the Kansas City Rescue Mission. Currently, they are having their annual toilet paper drive...
Posted by Lesa Newberry in Mission Owners
Comment from Lesa Newberry:

Thank you everyone who has already contributed to our Toilet Paper collections. If you still wish to give please bring your donations by Oct 7th.  

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Group Facilitators Hangout-Thursday Sept 29 9:00 PM

Let’s hangout for an hour and talk.  Click here to RSVP I’d love to hear your thoughts about your groups.  Join me for an hour by clicking on the link below...
Posted by Roy Moran in Semester Group Leaders
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Last Sunday in the "I Quit" Series - "Hiding"

Where can I volunteer? What teams need help?  And, how and why should I use my skills and abilities to serve others It’s Time to TP!We’re collecting unopened...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Shoal Creek
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I Quit: Comparing

My apologies to the Zone workers today,  I got a little wound up. Love to hear your take aways from music, drama or message today. Bible Reading: Second Corinthians...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
Comment from Trevor Moran:

All videos should be upload to

They should be all titled (date: series title- weekly title)

If you find anything I missed let me know.

Trevor Moran

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August and September Cleaning Schedule

Cat1- Bathrooms and glass Cat 2- Vacuuming and trash Cat 3- Mopping and sweeping of bathrooms, and stairways. Dry mopping of waxed floors Cat 4- Buffing of waxed...
Posted by T.A. Perry in Cleaning and Floor Care
Comment from Mike Whalen:

Thanks again for covering me Scott. I really do appreciate it.
Have a great weekend.

Sent from my iPhone

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Israel Demanded a King

This week we are starting a new and exciting unit: Saul and David. Our Bible verse we are studying this week is 1 Samuel 8-10. Our Key Passage for this new unit is...
Posted by Derek Fisher in Team Kid Zone (2nd - 5th grade)
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I Quit "Comparing" - Sunday - 9:30 & 11am

How will attending a Journey group help me on my spiritual journey? Tot Zone Breakfast – Please Join Us! It’s Time to TP!We’re collecting unopened toilet...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Shoal Creek
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"It's a sin to bore a kid with the Gospel."

It doesn’t matter where you’re student goes to high school, I’d love for them to come with me this coming Tuesday (9/20) for the first Young Life Club...
Posted by Justin Talley in Crash Parents
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Michal and Karolina Kupczyk from Poland

If that name means anything to you, please drop by after 7 pm on Thursday Sept. 15 to welcome Michal and Karolina back to Shoal Creek. They were interns at Shoal...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
Comment from Roy Moran:

Just Thursday leave for OK on Friday am.

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Sunday Conversation - "I Quit Hurrying"

Today’s Sunday service topic was “I Quit Hurrying”. What resonated with you today, and what steps do you feel God is calling you to do because of what you experience...
Posted by Justin Talley in Shoal Creek
Comment from Heather Jones:

Thank you for this message.  I read An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest at the end of last year and it really resonated with me.  I decided that my New Years resolution was to quit always being in a hurry.  On Jan 12 I had a minor car accident because I was in a hurry.  That was my wake up call from God that he was serious about this.  Since then I’ve had good weeks and bad weeks, and this message was just the reminder that I needed after a crazy Saturday filled with running around, eating McDonald’s in the car on the way from one place to another, and shouting at my kids to, "Hurry up!’ multiple times.  A word from God.  Slow down.

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TotZone Breakfast!

If you have seen the messages about the needs in TotZone and wondered if it is for you, please join us this week at 8:15 in TotZone. We will be having breakfast,...
Posted by Gina Schmidt in Tot Zone (0 - 3 year old) Volunteers
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