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Free Money Basics Class

Ever wish you could get to the end of the month without running out of money? We can help! FREE 2-week Money Basics class begins Thursday, March 30 from 6:30-8:00pm...
Posted by Angela Etienne in Financial Peace Guides
Thursday March 30 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (CDT)
7 people are coming
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Shoal Creek: What's the Big Idea? Disciples who make disciples [video]

We’ve finish the final edition of Shoal Creek: What’s the Big Idea? I would love to hear your reaction to what you experienced today?  The video of John Piper...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
Comment from Jerry Ramos:

So, let me start by saying that I felt the message yesterday, brought home the messages of the past sessions, related to why Shoal Creek exists.

I speak only for me, as this is coming from my heart.

I think you have to dig deep to “get it” and maybe you have to be as fed up with “organized religion” as I was, when we joined this mission (not church).

For me…….this is exactly what Dorothy and I needed to start our healing and get past the pain of losing our friends when we left “organized religion”.

It was sooooooo tuff and we aren’t completely healed yet, but let me tell you, the thing about this past group of messages is that for me, it gave me purpose.

The big picture is coming into focus I don;t want to “Waste my Life” but I have to keep it real and slow down and learn a little at a time, I’m human and i will falter.

For Dorothy and I that means getting some help (that’s what we got from the skit ourselves….connecting with those that have walked in our shoes) and we think small groups is our next step. We want to learn to touch God and truly understand what Jesus wants from us and that will start by getting into the bible.

Not so easy for folks that were told what they were to think for soooooooo many years (by organized religion). But we are working on it!

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Community Dinner - Thursday, April 20

Enjoy a meal and meet some new people! Kids welcome (but no child care provided). Click the “Yes” if you will be attending so our hospitality team can provide...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Shoal Creek
Thursday April 20 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm (CDT)
16 people are coming
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Nacho Eggstravaganza!

How does Nacho bar with all your favorite toppings and a fun craft with egg decorating sound to you and your family?  If you are a Zone-aged family, we’d love...
Posted by Justin Engelhardt in Life Stage - Parents (ABC Zone Kids)
Wednesday March 29 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm (CDT)
50 people are coming
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Local Catalysts Gathering

What is Local?       A movement/group of everyday people with a desire to see God reach into the places they LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY. “50% of the people...
Posted by Trevor Moran in Shoal Creek
Tuesday March 28 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (CDT)
4 people are coming
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Living the Discipled Life

A disciple’s life is an open invitation by the God of the Universe to afuller life. It isn’t easy, natural or automatic. It is not loving Godand loving others,...
Posted by Justin Talley in Shoal Creek
Tuesday April 11 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm (CDT)
2 people are coming
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Buya Lesson for Sunday 3/26

Hi Buya Families, this Sunday we started a new series called “Escape Room”, where we’re looking at what God says about what we need to believe and do when life...
Posted by Justin Talley in Shoal Creek Student Families
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Sign Up TODAY for a Spring Group - Groups Start Week of April 10

Groups use Bible passages applicable to Marriage, Parenting or one of the 7 Journeys or the book listed in the group name. Groups are about 10 weeks long. View the...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Connection Info
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At the Creek this Week (03/23/17)

Lot’s coming down the stream… This coming Sunday morning… MISSION: Disciple-Making Disciples Are you a multiplying, disciple-making disciple? How does impacting...
Posted by Eric Haynes in Shoal Creek
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Detailed Cleaning

Anyone wanting to help out on 3/25 at 12:00 pm for a deep cleaning of the building would be appreciated. We will be doing alot of things we just cannot get to on...
Posted by T.A. Perry in Cleaning and Floor Care
Comment from Jason Perry:


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Current Small Group Info (Updated 3/23)

Hey Families, just wanting to get you updated information on upcoming small group opportunities your student can connect to. Small groups are a must for helping...
Posted by Justin Talley in Shoal Creek Student Families
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Spring Semester Group - Will YOU lead?

Our Spring semester will start Monday, April 10 and we’ll begin advertising the groups on Sunday, March 26. The semester will run into early June. If you’re...
Posted by Sean Hoeflicker in Semester Group Leaders
Comment from Sean Hoeflicker:

One last reminder to register your Spring semester group. I will be printing the Spring Group Sign-up for this coming Sunday sometime this afternoon.


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Men's 3 Day Golf Outing (definitely for amatuers!)

Sep 08, 6:30 PM – Sep 12, 3:30 PM Plans are underway for this year’s edition of the Shoal Creek Cup.  Your captains for this year will be Michael McDonald and...
Posted by Roy Moran in Shoal Creek
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Buya Sunday Lesson for 3/19

Hi Buya Families, This Sunday we wrapped up our “Road Trip” series, a 3 week series highlighting the insights of Paul, as he traveled and was on the road. In...
Posted by Justin Talley in Shoal Creek Student Families
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Care taker for my special needs daughter

I had to let go my daughters care taker unexpectedly last week and I am looking for a caretaker/person to help me with my special needs...
Posted by Marcy Stafford in Shoal Creek
Comment from Brandie Kaczmarek:

Praying for you and Gabby. I wish I had help along side me with my Ashlyn who is 15 and special needs, too.

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