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The journey began in 1993 with seven people who were searching for a way to do church that would empower spiritual seekers to ask questions about Jesus instead of intimidating them with heavy-handed messages and over-done theatrics. After looking at the models established by Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois and Heartland Community Church in Kansas, those seven started meeting in Roy and Candy Moran’s living room and began planting the seeds that would become Shoal Creek.

In November 1995, 73 adults gathered at the Liberty Performing Arts Theater for Shoal Creek’s very first Sunday morning service. After that, Shoal Creek Community Church began to grow—slowly but steadily. Eventually, the growth reached the point that it became necessary to move out of the rented spaces of a theater and in 2003, Shoal Creek purchased their current building, which had previously been the home of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. As of early 2014, approximately 1000 people attend on a typical Sunday and even more call Shoal Creek their “church home”.

But, regardless of our size, Shoal Creek continues to be fueled by the same style of church that began in 1993 with seven men and women in a living room talking about God. We consider ourselves a church that doesn’t simply “meet” on Sunday mornings in an auditorium, but is engaging God and people where we live, work and play.

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